We are Susan & David, a married couple currently living in the U.K. In 2009 we relocated to North Carolina, U.S.A with our son, Alexander, but, five years on, decided to return to the UK. One of the key reasons for our turn-tail was our under-estimation of how much we value the European lifestyle. There were other reasons too but if we had to say one reason, that’s probably as good as any!

So here we are in the UK, for the time being. Not a permament home choice but one that allows us to be close to family and still explore the continent as an alternative location. The North-East of England has so much to offer, quite under-rated and over-looked by many, but one thing it does supply plenty of is grey, cloudy, sun-less days. Day after day. It can get a bit gloomy to be fair and that’s just summer! Anyway, we need to see the sun, just to check it’s still out there. But finding a place to live and be happy is more than chasing the sun. For us, it’s about living a simpler life, going back to nature and enjoying that rewarding feeling of enjoying the fruits of your labours. My god, maybe we have turned into hippies! So what better way than to travel for a few months and get a taste of different lifestyles, cultures and all for free, well nearly!

This blog, our first, is all about charting our travels to Spain and Portugal as virgin Workawayers. We joined workaway, a site that acts a go-between people needing workers, and willing to accomodate them for free, with people seeking work/travel opportunities. Hopefully, our blog will come in useful for other people considering working holidays or who just like to read about travelling in Europe.

Hope you enjoy the blog.

Susan & David


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